Dining at Cocos Hotel

Fresh, Organic Cuisine with a Delicious Caribbean Twist!

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All Inclusive Meal Plan

The resort operates on a fully All-Inclusive Plan. The rate you pay includes EVERYTHING you eat or drink with the following exceptions which attract additional charges:

  • Romantic Beach Dinners which offer different menus from the All-Inclusive menus, a privately set up Cabana on the beach with a dedicated waiter.
  • Wines from our Vintage Wine List just in case you wish to try something more stylish than what is available on the House Wine List.
  • Floating Canapé Treats at Sunset (available only with plunge pool rooms)
Beyond the above, all food and beverage are included in your nightly rate.

Food & Beverage Philosophy

At COCOS we serve fresh, organic, innovative cuisine prepared with a decidedly Caribbean twist. While you can expect a contemporary mix of international gastronomy, anticipate also that this would be fused with a strong Island influence. Be prepared for a tasty introduction to the likes of Plantain, Christophine, Eddoe, Yams, Green Banana, Fresh Coconut, Soursop and a range of other exotic Caribbean staples.

Because of our small size we are able to source garden-fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables from nearby farmers and freshly caught fish from independent local fishermen. Of course, there are ingredients which are not produced in our very small Island and which we have no choice but to import. But as far as we can, we try to serve you meals made with fresh homegrown ingredients which help to maximize the flavor profiles, nutritional value and natural color of your every meal.

Meal Portion Sizes

The Resort generally errs on the side of small, healthy portion sizes with each meal consisting of multiple courses (3 to 4 for lunch and 4 to 5 for dinner). While this may work for some, we do understand that it may not work for others. Your waiter will therefore ask whether you require  regular portion sizes or an upsized option. We are more than happy to accommodate all types of eaters, whatever your preferences.



All our meals are served a la carte by waiters at the restaurant, beaches or beach bars. Say goodbye to DIY buffets. We think you’re much too special for that.

Room service for any meal is also available. However, a fee of US$20 per delivery applies to this service.



DINNER is a three-course affair with menus rotating on a 7-day cycle. In addition to at least three appetizers, three main course options and three dessert choices, there is a vegetarian option for each course. Every Dinner menu also features a unique, nightly chef’s special for the main course.

LUNCH is a three-course meal with menus rotating on a 2-day cycle. There is also a Lunch Special for the main course which rotates on a 7-day cycle.

SNACKS: There is a fixed snacks menu available daily if you like munching between meals. There is also a grill on each beach serving jerk chicken, panini sandwiches, burgers and other treats.

PRIVATE BEACH DINNERS with menu items that differ from what’s offered on the regular All-Inclusive menus are also available. These dinners attract an additional charge.

THE BARS offer complimentary red, white, and rose house wines, two to three options for each. Additionally, a selection of vintage wines and champagnes is available at an additional charge. A wide range of international and Caribbean spirits and beers are also on offer along with daily cocktail specials.

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Dining Facilities

The Cocos Hotel Antigua Restaurant is a multi-tiered, open-air facility set on the western section of the hillside, with amazing sea views during the day and picturesque sunsets in the early evening. The Restaurant is large enough to accommodate all guests at the same time with the hotel 100% occupied.

All meals are served at the restaurant. Snacks can however be served at either of the Beaches or Beach Bar Lounges.

If you book a Cocos Hotel Antigua Beach Dinner you and your partner dine in your private pergola on the beach while being served by a dedicated waiter. This service attracts an extra charge.

Off Site Dining

For those wanting to explore dining outside the resort there are multiple, exciting options in the immediate vicinity. These include

  • Sheer Rocks (4 minute drive)
  • Ojay’s Seafood Restaurant (7 minute drive)
  • A bunch of other eateries in the nearby Jolly Harbor Complex (walking distance)

Meal Times/Opening Hours

BREAKFAST: 7:30 am to 10am
LUNCH: 12noon to 2pm,
DINNER: 7pm to 9:30pm
SNACKS: 10am to 5PM
MAIN BAR: 10AM to 11PM


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