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A Unique All Inclusive Antigua Resort

Welcome to COCOS Hotel, a Rustic, Romantic and Scenic Caribbean Getaway for Adult Couples. Watch the Video or read the Guide below to decide whether your next Vacation starts Here…

Is COCOS Right For You?

A guide to who is best suited to COCOS and who may not like it here.



Seeking a vacation filled with relaxation, romance and new cultural experiences.



Single travelers or family travel groups involving children.



Busy couples seeking an escape from work or other types of stress.


Party Animals

Those seeking regular, high energy activities or a wild party each night.


Newly/Soon To Be Weds

Honeymooners or couples looking for a simple destination wedding.


“Luxury” Seekers

Persons for whom “luxury” is defined in ornate or flamboyant building structures.


The Mellowed

Retired or semi-retired world travelers.


Gadget Addicts

Those who must always have access to a TV or other screen and who are unable to live off the grid for a few days.



You should be of average health/fitness since getting around may involve moderate hill climbing depending on your room location.

What Makes Us Unique?


Perched on a lush green hillside, COCOS Hotel is a collection of Private Cottages encircled by miles of blue sea and sandwiched between two coral beaches on the south western coast of the Island of Antigua. Our location allows you to enjoy awesome sea views from almost any vantage point and you get calm, crystal-clear waters for swimming all day. Each evening you are also treated to some of the most spectacular sunsets that you will ever witness anywhere.

Different Accommodation Style

Our distinctive style of accommodation is probably the biggest differentiator when compared to a conventional Caribbean Resort.

Instead of large concrete room blocks we offer private, stand-alone cottages all constructed entirely of wood, wattle and other indigenous materials. The only corridors here are outdoor pathways that take you through rich, colorful gardens and to the beaches. Your balcony includes a traditional West Indian hammock, comfy deck chairs and even a private pool with loungers and shade depending on the room category you book. You can choose to have your room air-conditioned or opt for natural air cooling by opening your windows and French doors. All your in-room décor is natural and fresh, from the hand-crafted wooden furniture to the live floral arrangements that are replenished each day. And best of all you get to shower outdoors amongst a collection of tropical plants with a wonderful ocean view.

Why This Accommodation Style? 

Owner & Designer, Andrew Michelin, grew up in the colonial Caribbean where he fell in love, not only with the natural beauty of the Islands, but also with the way in which the people here lived. Your typical village in those days was located at the seaside and was a collection of quaint cottages set amongst beautiful vegetable gardens and greenery. It was a simple and humble existence, yet persons were very happy, very healthy and lived together with a oneness that you don’t always find today.

Andrew, in essence, romanticized the Caribbean as he knew it back then. And he designed the Resort as a means of re-creating that environment and inviting our guests to experience what it was like. In other words, when you come to COCOS it’s not only to enjoy the Sun, the fabulous Beaches, the excellent food and drink and the warm hospitality of our staff, but it’s also to experience a historical Caribbean lifestyle that was simpler, greener, less distracting and much more satisfying.

Unbeatable Location

Unique Accommodations

A Novel Experience

What Our Customers Are Saying

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The service and staff was amazing. I loved how clean everything was and the food was divine

Jennifer Ulysse
Brooklyn, New York, USA
July 23, 2021

We loved the resort. The location, the rooms, the beach, and the service is unmatched......

Russell Clay Randolph
Ridgway, Colorado, USA
July 10, 2021

The most relaxing vacation we have ever been on. The hotel was gorgeous and the staff was amazing. Our stay at Cocos Hotel was truly amazing.

Mary Nottingham
Benton, Louisiana, USA
July 26, 2021

We had the most amazing time at Cocos! Apart from the beautiful scenery & lovely hotel which had everything we wanted and more…. It was all of your staff that made it a wonderful experience! 

Niamh Ohagan
United Kingdom
June 22, 2021

The views are amazing and the food wonderful. Everyone is very attentive and works to make your stay wonderful.

Charles Alfred
Isabela, Puerto Rico
July 26, 2021

A wonderful location but what made it extra special were the staff team, they were all brilliant! Food was great too. Nothing was too much trouble.

Alyson Bartlam
United Kingdom
July 21, 2021

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