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Four Unique Small Hotels in Antigua - Why Boutique Might Just Be Best.

by Jho Donna Roacher, on Jun 29, 2022 11:18:08 AM

Small size, a cozy atmosphere and personalized services are what sets boutique hotels apart from typical resorts. What you won’t find on these 10-50 room properties are bustling crowds, mass activities and multi dining options with buffets.However, their small size gives them the opportunity to focus on individualized guest experiences and incorporate local culture into their cuisine and peaceful ambiance. Today we look at four unique small hotels in Antigua that provide quaint, attractive accommodation options for those looking to escape the larger, more ubiquitous tourist hangouts.


1.  COCOS Hotel (Couples-Only)

COCOS Hotel is a collection of stand-alone cottages scattered across a secluded hillside that is nestled between two beaches. As you wander along its paths, you’ll be amidst 39 private cottages constructed entirely of wood, wattle and other indigenous materials. This concept was inspired by a particular historical Caribbean lifestyle from the colonial days and the Owners’s passion for all things green, local, and naturally beautiful. For a more authentic “back-in-time” experience, televisions are not on property and each room has a spacious outdoor shower so guests can shower amongst a collection of tropical plants with majestic ocean views.


COCOS Hotel adheres to a food and beverage philosophy that incorporates local produce into its daily menus. Chefs prepare fresh, organic, meals daily with a contemporary mix of international gastronomy infused with a strong Island influence. The hotel sources garden-fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables from nearby farmers and freshly caught fish from independent local fishermen. Meals are served a la carte based on daily menus and their 3 bars contain a variety of premium liquor.


Guests who stay at COCOS often rave about its romantic, peaceful, and relaxing environment and friendly staff. In the words of a recent TripAdvisor reviewer “this place is … a dream. Very intimate, not over crowded, soooo romantic and peaceful. It’s the perfect place if you are looking to reconnect with your love and enjoy a restful time. Everything is laid back and very mellow. The food is AMAZING!! Whoever the chef is, has blessed hands!”

2. Keyonna Beach Resort (couples-only)


From the structures to the amenities, specks of local culture and the surrounding environment are often entwined in several aspects of Antigua hotels. Keyonna Beach Resort, which is inspired by the Caribbean lifestyle of old, is no exception. The 29 rooms are built from wood and are without the modern-day distractions like televisions. The resort stretches along the  pristine and expansive Turners Beach, and fruit bearing trees and flowering plants line its pathways. Keyonna is steeped in nature and is home to rare Leatherback Sea turtles. Many a guest has had the delightful opportunity to witness the hatchlings of this endangered species make their way from the shore to the sea.



In addition to their coveted outdoor showers, Keyonna’s beach Bali beds are another amenity that makes it stand out from the crowd. Friendly beach waiters collect and deliver meal and drink orders from guests occupying their privately assigned beach Bali beds and beach chairs. In the words of another TripAdvisor contributor “the cottages and your reserved Bali bed are terrific and being on the southwest side of the island means great sunsets. The food and beverage are very good, and the staff tries very hard to meet everyone's needs.”



3. Hermitage Bay (Couples-Only)

Boutique hotels do not have to worry about acquiring a large expanse of land to accommodate their guests. Thus, they are able to fit into upscale urban neighborhoods, secluded bluffs, and scenic beaches. Hermitage Bay has the fortune of building their 30 cottages upon a lush hillside and a bay. After a relaxing stay at Hermitage Bay in March, 2022, this is what one guest had to say about it, “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at HB. We liked the secluded position and the cleverly designed suites leading up into the hill side from the beach all surrounded by gardens…The beach is lovely, the water warm and clear. It felt very private for hotel guests.”


Like most of the other boutique Antigua hotels, Hermitage Bay combines local favorites with classic American and European dishes. Ingredients are fresh and fruits, vegetables and herbs are often cultivated from their onsite organic kitchen garden. Because of this, they have created seasonal menus that change daily. A TripAdvisor review from March 2022 raves: “…all meals were amazing, providing so much choice on every occasion, you really will be spoilt. All ingredients fresh and food expertly crafted with beautiful flavors and wonderful presentation at all times. The chef and the team should be congratulated on consistently serving fine dining at every sitting.”



Small Antiguan hotels are customer oriented because they have less persons to cater to in comparison to larger hotels. Don’t be surprised when line staff at your boutique Antiguan resort address you by name a few hours after your arrival or if the head chef casually prepares a meal that is tailored to your specific diet.

“My wife and I spent 9 days in early April - not too much, not too little. Everything was as good as last May on our first visit. But walking into the property and having so many staff remember us from last year represents the kind of client service one doesn’t find easily.” – TripAdvisor Review of Hermitage Bay by eaglejohn in April, 2022.


4. The Villas at Sunset Lane


This pink multilevel haven rests on a hillside in a suburban community and is a dream for persons who want a simple getaway. Boasting only 10 rooms, the Villas at Sunset Lane is the smallest hotel on our list. However, their rooms are spacious, and each has its own unique aesthetic – none of them is like the other. While writing their TripAdvisor review of the Villas at Sunset Lane, username 77Sunny77 warned, “If you’re looking for a large resort then this obviously isn’t the place for you. It’s a fabulous, small B&B (I think it has 8 or 10 rooms?) and a home from home feel.”


Expect to get the one-of-a-kind experience that is most notable at boutique hotels. In his online review, 77Sunny77 further stated, “The owner, Jackie, is wonderful and does so much for her guests. You mention something and she has it sorted - taxis, hire car, restaurant bookings etc. Jackie will happily help with all of them if you need it.”



There, the owner/Executive Chef seeks to preserve the Caribbean Culture through its foods and cooking techniques. As a result, they’ve arranged Caribbean-Fusion and vegan menus made with ingredients from the local community and fishermen. They even offer culinary day tours and arrange visits to local families so that guests can experience the traditional Caribbean ways of cooking!

If you like the idea of resting at a quaint and comfy hotel that provides individualized services, consider reserving a room at one of these unique Antigua’s boutique resorts. Which of these boutique Antigua hotels would you visit? Cast your vote below.


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